The Bonfire Processor

Bonfire is a RISC-V based Softcore Processor and SoC designed for use on FPGAs. It is targeted to be “ready-to-use” on Low-Cost FPGA Boards. An implementation of eLua makes the resulting systems easy to use and self-contained


Bonfire and eLua on ULX3S

About ULX3s

When I got the message from CrowsSupply at the 14th of March 2019 that the ULX3S coampain started, I immediatly placed an order for the 85F version. This was a good idea to not wait, thr campain reached its goal only a day later.

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RISC-V on FireAnt

About the FireAnt board

Sometime last summer on CrowdSupply a new FPGA board was anounced: The FireAnt based on an FPGA I have never heard before: The Trion T8 from Efinix.

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RISC-V Workshop Zurich Summary

The information I got on this workshop was exhausting for me, and the summary below is for sure very incomplete and biased. I can only recommend to look at the offical workshop proceedings. I completely left out the topics security and verification in my summary, just because I’m running out of time.

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The Story behind the Bonfire Processor - Part I

In my professional live I’m a software development manager at ORTEC B.V. We are focusing on Software solutions for all sorts of logistics optimization, e.g. optimization of transportation routes or workforce schedules. If you want to know more about it, visit our Website.

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