Bonfire Arty Image Released

Finally after several months of work I released a “tunrkey” MCS file to be installed on a Digilent Arty A35 Board.

Block Design

The Image is configured as follows:


Bonfire AXI Core

The Bonfire AXI Core contains the Bonfire Core together with Instruction and Data Cache. It is designed to be used with Xilinx IP Integrator and is “plug-in” compatible with the Microblaze Processor from Xilinx.

In the Arty Image it is configured as follows:

  • Bonfire RISC-V CPU Version 1.20 implementing RV32IM
  • 32KB Instruction Cache
  • 32KB Data Cache


  • 256MB of DDR3 Memory on the Arty Board
  • 32KB of Block RAM for the Boot Monitor
  • SPI Interface to the On Board Flash Memory

Arty Onboard Peripherals:

  • USB-UART for Serial I/O
  • Xilinx GPIO Core for Switches and LEDs of the ARTY Board
  • Xilinx AXI Etherlite Core connected to the 10/100MB Ethernet PHY

External Peripherals:

  • UART on PMOD Port JD
  • Xilinx AXI QSPI Core on PMOD JB, e.g. to use an SDCard PMod



  • Bonfire Boot Monitor
    • Cache and Memory Test
    • Hexdump Utility
    • XModem Download of Binary Images
    • Flash read/write to save a Binary Image on the Arty Onboard Flash and “boot” from the image stored in flash